Friday, August 6, 2010

Mini Albums

I've been having so much fun making Mini Albums!!  Mary at CardzTV (link on right side of my blog) made 3 videos showing how to make a small 3 X 3 Album using a 12 X 12 sheet of card stock.  It's been so much fun!  Now I have to stop that for a few days and get back to making cards!!  I have my grandsons birthday party tomorrow (saturday), my parents anniversary sunday and my dear friends birthday also sunday.  I found the cutest Never Ending Card on YouTube by TheCoutureCrafter.  I'm going to attempt that this morning for my grandson. 

My hubby received the credit card statement and isn't too happy about the charges I made last month *sigh*  We pay the credit card when it's due, so the only debt we have is the house payment.  But I've been spending too much on paper, card stock and stamps.  So time to slow down on that.  While I was going through the worse of my neuropathy pain, where I could hardly walk, I didn't shop at all.  I could barely walk!!  So I guess I'm making up for that.  I see videos and think - wow I'd like to have that to use to make cards or such.  But it's time to slow down and find ways to use what I have, instead of buying more!!  The pain isn't as bad in my legs and feet, but my hands ache almost all the time.  I try to do crafts to keep my mind off it.  Shopping helps too :P

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