Monday, August 30, 2010

Grandsons Birthday Party

Saturday we went to Shawns 10th birthday party at West Jordan park.  The weather was crazy!!  It was so windy that all the balloons bopped before the end of the party.  Shawn was excited and had his friend from the trailer park with him.  Majestic wasn't feeling well.  Michael and Latasha were there, I haven't seen them in ages!  I think almost 2 years now - since Lisa & Brad moved to Clearfield.  Michael is slender now and taller than I am - he's 14.  Latasha is 16 and had her boyfriend with her, she was smiling and let me take her picture.  She looked very happy.  The party was great - lots of people showed and Shawn received a ton of gifts.  I took photos while he opened them.  I was worried because all he was receiving were toys, then he opened a package with jeans and a shirt so when he opened our gift of clothes it was OK.  He loved the never ending card and the $10 I tucked inside it.  I told him the shirt was plain - so he could visit us and decorate it any way he wanted.  He wants to learn how to do the card also.  Aaron showed up, but he doesn't seem happy at his new job.  David & Christen couldn't make it.  Christy & Jeff still aren't talking to Lisa.  Lot's of Brads family made it.

It was good.

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