Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big sale at Michaels

I went to Michaels *yippy* they had paper packs at 40% off and today between 4 & 8 pm an additional 25% off!!!  I bought several K & Company packs  (a total of 6!!) and several paper punches by Fiskars (the squeeze punch - they're easier on my hands). 

Yesterday I took the grandkids to the fountain at Gateway.  It's a wonderful fountain that was built for the Olympics, it's in the ground.  The grandkids love to run through it so we spent a couple of hours there.  They were exhausted when we got home *hehehe*  lunch time then my meds.  I was feeling good!  I didn't dare take my pain pills before we went, because we were driving downtown and they were in the car, so I endured!!

I'm still working on decorating my mini album.  I adhered all the paper, have my tags cut, now to put on flowers and bling!  It's taken me forever on this album!!  I've been watching a lot of Youtube and can't believe how many mini album videos there are  *whew*  I've been shopping too much also.  This will be a banner month on the credit card  *yikes*

Phil has cooked chicken for dinner *yummy*  Can you tell I'm feeling good?  Sometimes I think I'm bi-polar with my ups and downs, unfortunately more downs than ups.  When I feel good I take advantage!!

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