Monday, August 9, 2010


This week I'm watching my grandkids, Shawn & Majestic.  I watched them for several years when they were younger.  They moved 2 years ago to Clearfield and last year to Far West (over an hour drive).  We don't see them much.  I miss the little darlings.  Shawn turns 10 this year and Majestic will turn 7.  I can't believe how grown up they look.  It's a delight to have them around this week.  Tomorrow Phil (hubby) is taking the day off and we're going to "do stuff"  I have a list but we'll see what happens.  Right now I'm tired, it's been a long day.

I have to share this - my mom is Facebook crazy!!  She goes on every day and comments on stuff and looks for family & friends.  Today we talked on the phone and the last thing she said was "check out my facebook"  *laugh*  I had to go in & comment.  I'm not a big Facebook fan, but I'll have to try to keep up with my mom *grin*  She turns 71 next month!!

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