Monday, August 30, 2010

Grandsons Birthday Party

Saturday we went to Shawns 10th birthday party at West Jordan park.  The weather was crazy!!  It was so windy that all the balloons bopped before the end of the party.  Shawn was excited and had his friend from the trailer park with him.  Majestic wasn't feeling well.  Michael and Latasha were there, I haven't seen them in ages!  I think almost 2 years now - since Lisa & Brad moved to Clearfield.  Michael is slender now and taller than I am - he's 14.  Latasha is 16 and had her boyfriend with her, she was smiling and let me take her picture.  She looked very happy.  The party was great - lots of people showed and Shawn received a ton of gifts.  I took photos while he opened them.  I was worried because all he was receiving were toys, then he opened a package with jeans and a shirt so when he opened our gift of clothes it was OK.  He loved the never ending card and the $10 I tucked inside it.  I told him the shirt was plain - so he could visit us and decorate it any way he wanted.  He wants to learn how to do the card also.  Aaron showed up, but he doesn't seem happy at his new job.  David & Christen couldn't make it.  Christy & Jeff still aren't talking to Lisa.  Lot's of Brads family made it.

It was good.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Time Passes So Quickly

I realized tonight that I haven't been here in a while.  I've been a bit depressed.  I do what I have to and that's about it.  I made some more cards for my friend Gloria, but I can't seem to push my way through this barrier I'm at.

My hubby had a procedure wednesday at the doctors office, he made the appointment for 7:00 am.  He knows how bad it is for me in the early morning, but I made it and we went so I could drive him home.  I took a book and some stuff to snack on.  He was fine and stayed home after.

Tomorrow is our grandsons birthday, he turns 10.  I've made his card.  Last week he and his younger sister spent the days with me.  He asked me several times to be sure and make him a card, I assured him I would.  So the card is made!!  We bought him jeans and a shirt and are giving him $10 so he can buy something he wants.

I just don't know what to do, I feel like I'm in thick jello and my thoughts are as sluggish as my body feels.  I hate this!!  I've felt off all day, just not right. 

Hopefully I'll be able to take pictures of some of the cards I'm doing and post them :)  Camera goes into my purse now, so I don't forget it for the birthday party tomorrow.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big sale at Michaels

I went to Michaels *yippy* they had paper packs at 40% off and today between 4 & 8 pm an additional 25% off!!!  I bought several K & Company packs  (a total of 6!!) and several paper punches by Fiskars (the squeeze punch - they're easier on my hands). 

Yesterday I took the grandkids to the fountain at Gateway.  It's a wonderful fountain that was built for the Olympics, it's in the ground.  The grandkids love to run through it so we spent a couple of hours there.  They were exhausted when we got home *hehehe*  lunch time then my meds.  I was feeling good!  I didn't dare take my pain pills before we went, because we were driving downtown and they were in the car, so I endured!!

I'm still working on decorating my mini album.  I adhered all the paper, have my tags cut, now to put on flowers and bling!  It's taken me forever on this album!!  I've been watching a lot of Youtube and can't believe how many mini album videos there are  *whew*  I've been shopping too much also.  This will be a banner month on the credit card  *yikes*

Phil has cooked chicken for dinner *yummy*  Can you tell I'm feeling good?  Sometimes I think I'm bi-polar with my ups and downs, unfortunately more downs than ups.  When I feel good I take advantage!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Down, down, down

Phil stayed home today and watched the grandkids.  Unfortunately I slept.  I'm so down I can't believe it.  It's an effort just to move.  I don't hurt (much) but I feel so awful.  My mom called, said I needed a kick in the butt.  That's my mom *smile*  Tomorrow Lisa picks up the grandkids at 11:00 and thursday at 11:30.  My list of things to do is tossed aside.  Going to take them to see my mom tomorrow morning.  See mom and her dogs (there are 4 in the house)

I started a paper sack mini album that I saw on Youtube.  I need to put on the cover and decorate.  I'm stuck, I know what I want to do, but I have all these paper scraps that I feel like I "should" use.  I think I'll do what I want - take the papers that fit what I want.  I'll make another album with scraps :)

I hate the "shoulds"  They box me in.  OK my venting is over for a bit.  Thanks for reading.

Monday, August 9, 2010


This week I'm watching my grandkids, Shawn & Majestic.  I watched them for several years when they were younger.  They moved 2 years ago to Clearfield and last year to Far West (over an hour drive).  We don't see them much.  I miss the little darlings.  Shawn turns 10 this year and Majestic will turn 7.  I can't believe how grown up they look.  It's a delight to have them around this week.  Tomorrow Phil (hubby) is taking the day off and we're going to "do stuff"  I have a list but we'll see what happens.  Right now I'm tired, it's been a long day.

I have to share this - my mom is Facebook crazy!!  She goes on every day and comments on stuff and looks for family & friends.  Today we talked on the phone and the last thing she said was "check out my facebook"  *laugh*  I had to go in & comment.  I'm not a big Facebook fan, but I'll have to try to keep up with my mom *grin*  She turns 71 next month!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mini Albums

I've been having so much fun making Mini Albums!!  Mary at CardzTV (link on right side of my blog) made 3 videos showing how to make a small 3 X 3 Album using a 12 X 12 sheet of card stock.  It's been so much fun!  Now I have to stop that for a few days and get back to making cards!!  I have my grandsons birthday party tomorrow (saturday), my parents anniversary sunday and my dear friends birthday also sunday.  I found the cutest Never Ending Card on YouTube by TheCoutureCrafter.  I'm going to attempt that this morning for my grandson. 

My hubby received the credit card statement and isn't too happy about the charges I made last month *sigh*  We pay the credit card when it's due, so the only debt we have is the house payment.  But I've been spending too much on paper, card stock and stamps.  So time to slow down on that.  While I was going through the worse of my neuropathy pain, where I could hardly walk, I didn't shop at all.  I could barely walk!!  So I guess I'm making up for that.  I see videos and think - wow I'd like to have that to use to make cards or such.  But it's time to slow down and find ways to use what I have, instead of buying more!!  The pain isn't as bad in my legs and feet, but my hands ache almost all the time.  I try to do crafts to keep my mind off it.  Shopping helps too :P