Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Few Tips

I thought I would share a couple of tips I learned on YouTube about Cricut:

The first tip is to set your new cutting mat.  Before you take off the protective plastic covering - put the date on it at the top.  This does 2 things, first you know how old your mat is (newer mats for difficult projects - older mats for thin paper and easier projects). Second it lets you know which side of the plastic sheet goes on the mat.  Someone on YouTube mentioned you should use the one side.

Second tip that helped me to cut out my Winter Woodland snowman on my Cricut.  I opened Cricut Design Studio and loaded the pieces I was going to cut.  That helped me with orientation and size.  I loaded all the different papers on my mat and it was a snap to cut!

Tomorrow I need to call the dentist *yuck!*  I've had a toothache all weekend.  I hate going to the dentist and put it off as long as I can.  I think I better go *sigh*

Yesterday we went to our grand daughter Allisons birthday party.  It turned out well.  I gave her one of my hand-made cards  She turned 13 and started those "teenage" years early.  We love her and miss her when she's home in Washington.  Below is a card similar to the one we gave her.


  1. Love the embossing and colors on this card! Is that a stamp in the center? Who makes it?

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  3. The stamp in the center is by "Perfectly Clear Stamps" "Stampendous". Title is "Two You" I found it at a Hobby Lobby store. Thanks for your comment :)