Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cleanup time

Today I cleaned off the dining room table *yippy*  I've had my card stuff there since I cleaned out the computer room for guests last month.  I put the table back in the computer room and all the stuff is back.  But it's grown!!  How did that happen *shaking head*  Time to organize this mess *grin*  My friend Gloria asked me to make a few cards for her.  I make birthday cards for her, but she wants something different.  Hopefully I can get to those before we go to breakfast on friday. 

My car needs to have emission testing done.  This month is renewal time 7 (june) for my car and 11 (november) for my hubby.  Easy to remember isn't it??   Hubby wanted me to do it today, but I had to get the table cleared and the house needs to be cleaned next.  David (hubby's oldest son) is coming over saturday, so it's time to clean house!!

Called the dentist, he will  not be back until next week.  I have an appointment for thursday *sigh*  I can hardly wait (hope the toothache can)

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