Monday, April 2, 2012

Can't Believe It !!!

OK I didn't call my mom - my hubby was calling for me after I finished the post - the oven was on fire.  I thought "yeah right" so I went into the kitchen & guess what?  The oven WAS on fire.  I looked at it, and asked him where was the salt, I grabbed the container and tossed salt on the fire until it was out.  My hubby really didn't know what to do.  I was afraid that the element would short out (the fire was at the rear of the oven near where the element plugs in) but it seems to be OK.
An hour before this my hubby had called me - the drain by the washer & dryer was backing up.  Then he admitted he used this liquid detergent and thought he might have used too much.  He wasn't wearing his glasses so just poured in some on the towels he was washing.  It wasn't liquid detergent - it was Spray & Wash that had a gel consistancy.   He bought it and couldn't use it in the spray bottle and forgot what it was.
Last week our new car was delivered & I asked him if he was trying to ruin the house so we would buy a new one - he just laughed, said he wanted me to see the fire.
I'll call my mom tomorrow & tell her all the good news :)

1 comment:

  1. Maybe you just aren't meant to fool others, lol.
    Sounds like the jokes on you ;)
    I have trouble with fooling others on Aprils Fools day as I get giddy, lol.
    Sorry to hear about all of your difficulties.
    Oh my daughter has that zombie 101 book you were talking about, lol.