Monday, March 21, 2011

Power Day

Today the electricity (power) was off.  I finally got a hold of Rocky Mountain Power.  Did you know your cordless phone  wont work when the power is off?  We have a corded phone just for that purpose.  But I still couldn't use it - my hubby took the long distance off our home phone and the only number I could find was long distance (does this sound funny?)  So I got my cell phone but the battery was dead (yes I tried the charger - but the power was out!! lol)  Good thing my car charges the phone when the car is turned off (my hubbys car only charges when the car is running).  This was around 4 pm and they said the power would be out until 10 pm.  I undid the garage door so I could get the car out of the garage and I run a couple of errands.  When I got back the power came back on (around 5:15)

I forget how much I rely on having electricity!!  We had another power outage a couple of weeks ago & I started the fireplace (I'm glad we have a wood pile out back behind our shed)  My husband was at a loss then - he watches a lot of TV.  I'm glad I like to read and have plenty of stuff to do in my craft room.  I just need light lol

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