Saturday, September 18, 2010

Breakfast Club

I went to breakfast today with my dear friends.  We go once a month and catch up with what's going on in our lives.  Nine of us met at Village Inn today.  It was a riot.  I took some of the cards I've made and my first mini album.  A lady from another table heard us talking and had to come over and see the cards and album.  She then asked to show them to her husband.  She's new here, just moved from California and wants to learn scrapbooking.  She came to the right city!  I have her phone number & email.

Today there were two blog hops!!  When I started I had no idea what blog hops were and was very confused by the whole idea.  Now after a couple of months I'm an old hand *laugh*  It was fun to go from blog to blog and check out all the crafty things the ladies had made.  One blog hop was Halloween and the other was Fall.  Each of the blogs give away blog candy.  You leave a message in their comments and they choose a winner.  I'll have to check them tomorrow and monday to see if I won anything :)

It's been a lovely day, the weather has been warm but it's going to cool down alot next week.  Fall is in the air and winter will be here soon.

1 comment:

  1. Your breakfast club sounds so fun. I like this idea.
    Teehee I would have been like that woman, I am not shy when it comes to comments about crafts, I embarrass my hubby, lol.
    Good luck to you on my give away :)